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2019 Club Championship

This year the club championships will combine both road and fell races into one competition. The rules will be similar to previous years (20 points for winning, 18pts 2nd Place, 17pts 3rd place .......etc) but from the list of 16 races, your top 8 placings will count.

Click on the Month to view the race details or the 'other' title for races where the date is not yet known

January (No Races)
February (1 Race)
March (3 Races)
April (1 Race)
May (1 Race)
June (6 races)
July (0 Races)
August (0 Races)
September (2 Races)
October (1 Race)
November (1 Races)
December (1 Race)
Other (0 Races)
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