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2022 Club Championship

Your best 6 race performances count out of the 16 nominated races below
Separate men’s and women’s champs
In each gender first MCR back scores 20 points 2nd 18 3rd 17 Etc down to 1 point if over 19 runners 1 point to 20th onwards for competing

Click on the Month to view the race details or the 'other' title for races where the date is not yet known

January (1 Race)
Congleton Parkrun(Road)
January 22nd Race Website

February (2 Races)
March (2 Races)
April (2 Races)
May (0 Races)
June (2 races)
July (3 Races)
August (2 Races)
September (0 Races)
October (1 Race)
November (0 Races)
December (0 Race)
Other (1 Race)
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